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How to Start a Career in Web Analytics

Doing web analytics for a company or organization can be extremely rewarding. A professional web analyst has a real measurable impact on company profitability and success. Because data analysis plays such a big role for most web-based companies, the salaries for effective analysts are very generous. A career in web analysis is also quite reliable and recession-proof.

While formal education is not necessary to get a job as a web analytics professional, thorough knowledge on data analysis is absolutely crucial. There are many resources that provide information about web analytics. Countless books and online blogs have been written on this subject. If traditional education is an option, a degree in math or statistics can be extremely helpful. There are also many online companies that offer classes, webinars, and workshops on web analytics.

SimpliLearn is one of the web-based schools that offer courses in online data analysis such as ccba training. The Certification of Competency in Business Analysis is one of the most basic certificates for web analysts. Online schools offer flexibility and convenience for working adults, along with quality instruction and invaluable resources. The business analyst interview questions is a requirement for employment with many companies. It’s important to remember that for a web analytics professional education is a never-ending part of the job. The evolution of technology is so rapid that certificate requirements change all the time. For a freelance web analyst it’s imperative to be up to date on all new web analysis developments.

Some innate predispositions can certainly help in becoming a successful web analytics professional. Of course a “mathematical mind” and a natural tendency towards the logical rather than the intuitive make for an excellent data analyst. Outstanding communication skills can make a candidate more desirable for large companies where most professionals work in teams. Good business skills or a business degree also make the web analyst more employable. Professional certificates in web development and Excel may be required before applying.

The most appealing quality that companies look for in a web analytics professional is of course experience. That’s difficult to offer for newcomers but veteran analysts suggest starting own blog or website for practice. Google Analytics is the most popular platform for data gathering and it is free. After a while, volunteering one’s services to small businesses and companies can help with establishing a portfolio. Joining professional organizations such as the Web Analytics Association can also help with networking and client referrals.